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GOOD: Lyrics




Slow evolving through shifting sands. Pouring over times hands. 

Beyond the grasp that wont let go: A never ending light show.

For those of us who take the chance, the future lurks awaiting for

It all depends on the way things go.

And thats just how the dice rolls.

You know its gonna be alright, if you play your cards right. 

How much faster do we need to go to make elemental time flow?

The possible is probably so and certainly worth waiting for. 

Your cause affects the way things go. 

And thats just how the dice rolls. 




Im giving up the struggle and putting down the bombs.

Im picking up the shovel and righting all the wrongs.

Im ending the surveillance program and grounding all the drones.

I would ask for help, but I gotta do it alone. 

Im going teetotalitarian.

The cause is lost and I aint got time to cry.

No more hegemony.

No more parsimony.

No more salamanders.

No more hypocrisy.  

No corporatocracy or loyal saprophytes.  

Withdrawing all the bases. forgiving all the loans. 

Empower all the locals to topple all the thrones.

Im going teetotalitarian.




Black market life

Human resources

Demanding supply side 

Feeding off corpses

Of turbocapitalism

It incites

The harvesting scythe

Free market forces

Enslaving a child

To obsticle courses

Privilege denied

And left two morsels

Of turbocapitalism

When it incites

Control, entice

Do it all over again

Pay the price with someone else's life

Turbocapitlism incites

Capacitized life

With profit, your god, remorseless

Turbocapitalism incites



You've got to be kidding me.

They've colonized the entire place.

Hold on brother, you got to keep your cool, 'cause I know just what to do

You've got to be kidding me, we own this place.

I'll tell you what we're gonna do, to get control of this zoo.

We'll negotiate, then procrastinate, then intimidate and control their fate.

We'll segregate and disseminate, decimate and annihilate. 

We own the space, we own the place, we've been around longer than the human race.

This is our proprietary galaxy, settled long ago while y'all were lemurs in trees.

So get your feet down on the floor. Don't resist and don't be sore.

Because there's one way to settle the score: our weapons are bigger than yours. 




Hairless ape dons concrete jacket to ceremonial wake of planets death.
Open womb drips cancer in metastatic cling to exponential destruction.
Carbon footprint marches by.
Continental consumption gone awry.
Soul burning oven cooks through.
Overdone. Overdue.
Over and over. Blow by blow.
Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.
Oil and gas get spewed over carcass belching earth.
But what are you going to do about global warming?


We thought we ruled.
Then we got schooled.
When all the choices that we made
formed a twist of fate.
It made things roomy.
It kept things cool.
Then all the rules we had got bent
into a twist of fate
when we met.
We've been there before
when all the stars and planets in the universe got bent
into a twist of fate
when we met.
The grey wise open
will keep us cool
as long as both of us can stay
on our merry-go-away.
It made things zoom.
Took us like fools.
When all thats sensible got bent
on the twist of fate that we met.


Attention fanatics.
This is your final call
to the boiling point of no return.
To resist fanaticism.
To insist fringe element no harm.
An enthusiastic cataclysm of naught.
It should leave you with no surprise
that fanatics arise.
It is your duty and your right.
Speculation smacks you with open hand.
Preoccupation surrounds and fortifies with distraction.
Gas cloud envelopes and permiates perceptive vision.
Town down, tune in, drop you weapons.
Resist with your life, it is all that is available to you.
Its fantastic on the inside.
Trust me.
Thats right fanatics, go on, fight the impossible.
It will certainly fall.
Investment in being.
There is security in complexity.
Unity is at hand.
Join me on the inside.
Fanatics arise.
You know now what you must do.
Youve seen what its like on the inside,
and you must arise.
Fanatics arise.


Politicians love voting machines.
To get elected by whatever means.
Politicians love zombie sheep.
Round em up and make em pull the lever.
Common sense, its been deserted.
The reasonable, they get discouraged.
Any bright ideas? Quickly divert em.
The whole system is downright perverted.
You dont vote, you can complain.
Oh sorry, didnt mean to interrupt your campaign.
You got the same players in the same old game.
Im in the way of your eminent domain.
Take over the town.
Take ove the city.
Im forming a political inaction committee.
Your rights are crushed and your money is spent.
Is this what you call your representative government?
Destroy the town.
Evacuate the city while you form another
political inaction committee.
Running your life while they tax you to death.
So what do you expect from a runaway government?
Invade your town.
Wall off the city.
Support your political inaction committee.
A waking nightmare that puts you to sleep.
Politicians love zombie sheep.
Take over the town.
Take over the city.
Take over the world.
You pledge your allegence and you hope for pity from your political inaction committee.


Better get your vision checked.
Double take and look again.
Get your life in focus.
Only one chance to get it right so be uptight.
Going off the deep end when the message that life sends draws you into focus.
Dnt believe your eyes or the lies of those whose heads aint right.
Depth perception.


Seizing control or losing it?
Well its not the same.
Get the feeling that the issue isnt inside your brain?
I n a world that incites you not to know what to do.
With a focus to provoke us to an outsider view.
If thats the way to living out a normal life,
then Im outsane.
People telling me to deal with it and that its allright.
Totally outsane.
In the effort of occupying your mind
a haze of normalcy that permiates your brain.
With the innocuous controllers of life
and the definers of all that is sane.
With the distractors that will keep you in line
leading up with the intrest they feign.
The morning after is all of the time
and tomorrow is looking about the same.
movie star
mind control
no solution
intuition driving you outsane


swimming around in my head abstract universe
and the feeling is so out of mind
we're allowed to observe infinity while standing on this world
caught twixt yin and yang drawn with human lines
and the thinking is so out of time
as you know I really dont mind
it shows you've done your homework
theres a place out there where its the place to be out of despair
but the thinking is so out of you
all the incentive to cultivate human minds has been lost from this earth
you must be bold
you must be higher
you've seen it all from here to the sky boy
you've seen it all
proud of yourself
save that facade for someone else
seen it all
look what a fantasy
Ive seen a fall didnt look much like ecstasy
seen it all well thats what you said
I'll save it all for someone else
swinging around by my head objective universe
but the feeling is so out of you
its ore to mine that you will never mind all the facets of this earth
theres a place out there where its the place to be out of despair
where things wont get lost out of you
all the incentive to see objectively
and these feelings that come back to me
and these thoughts that come back to me
have been lost for what its worth
you must be old
you must be tired
you've seen it all
through a hole in the sky girl
seen it all well thats what you said
you've seen it all through someone else
seen it all well its just so new to me
a scenic fall just look what you do to me
seen it all if thats what you said
I'll save it all for someone else

shudder to think
its like dreaming
dreaming awake
though its very cold best to fall awake
just to see the warm shadow of a quake
I shudder at the thought
of falling back asleep
when all masks show up in sync
well I can shudder to think
thaw back to form
roll back the sheets
go on to sleep
shudder to think
just shaken out of a dream
you havent had a moments peace
since the time that you were a baby
just in time to fall out of sync
Im not too scared to think
fail to conform
count to one sheep
go back to sleep
shudder to think
well I shudder to think
its like dreaming awake

some jackass in a real cheap suit
with a magic eye and a magic flute
sayin just whatever it takes for you to let him find the way
vicar of peace in a shirt and tie with good connections on the side
shares a good piece of his mind but who is listening anyway
and anyone with half a mind is sick of wasting money and wasting time
no break from the relentless design that we left behind
and anyone with half the time to spend the thought to spare the mind
would break under the senseless design that satisfies your dream
years passing bills suppressing wills well acclaimed for their thrills
we kick back and laugh like its funny
years of angry trills swinging still adding weight to our will
we cant do jack without our money
endless vacillation that is crossing the nation and its coming your way
all this emotion just like fuel to a fire is like just adding weight
something to think about when youre standing in line waiting for Uncle Sam to dole it out to ya
its publicized that everything’s fine but only if fine is the place youre at
dont you want some results you can see or listen to a bunch of talk you cant
dont let things progress so unnaturally its not too late to take it back
pointless oscillation that is crossing the nation and its coming your way
all this emotion is like weight on a pendulum and just makes it all stay in
years developing skills to change our wills its OK till it spills
good old pendulum keeps on swingin
fear sending chills through our wills time to head for the hills
we cant do jack if were mindless