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GOOD: Links

My Soundcloud page
My YouTube channel
My CD Baby

Perhaps one of the greatest acomplishments of mankind. Just go there and spare me from having to rave about it for several paragraphs. Buy some CDs! Get the actual "thing"!

DES Mastering
The only thing more impressive than this guy's work is his personal philosophy of sound engineering. Check out this site to learn a lot about why things sound GOOD.
Aural Innovations
One of my all time favorite sites. An entire world of spacerock, independent music, aliens and general bizarreness. Loads of great music. Get innovated.
Texistential Waveform
My new label. Cofounder THOMAS AYRESOL and I bring you the best of Texas based experimental and electronic music.
Thomas Ayresol

A good friend and the most influential musician in my life. If it wasn't for Thomas, I would probably be playing cover tunes with a bunch of fat bald guys. A far out blend of electronica and rock with depth and humor. Check out his site and you will be as hooked as I am. He also has a glowing review of my CD.