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GOOD: NameDrop

Humor laced space rock for those who have a broad definition of such. Unlike a lot of music in that genere, this guy gives you advice on what to do if you are actually abducted, and boldly exposes the governments efforts to hide the truth. Kiss the ring of The Alien Kings.

Edgy metal oriented fusion. Jazz you can bang your head to. EGO is a super CD. Fusion is supermusic to me. This guy and his band certainly qualify as that.

Imagine ART TATUM playing at relativity speeds, or perhaps someone rolling a dumptruck full of player pianos down the side of a cliff. This is some of the most exciting music I have heard. It has a catchy pop angle with out of this world arrangement. Lots of vocoders and electronic wizardry. Really one of my favorite bands of all time.

This is the music you have been looking for. Some of the best vocals I have heard in terms of quality and depth. Electro-acoustic mind meld dream party for those in the know. MOBIUS FLIPS and EOHIPPUS are a great place to start. Yes you need both.

The music would have been enough, but this is a really nice guy to boot. Introduced me to the magical world of circuit bending. Covers the spectrum of electronic music styles and is quite unpredictable. Beautiful a twisted sort of way. Twist of Nectarine in your drink, sir?

OK, stop what you are doing, take some time off of work, lock your doors and enter the world of JINMO. Self described Avant-attaque music. I don't what else to say. Blazing guitars and imagery that will leave you stunned and perhaps altered for the rest of your life. I have not recovered yet.

Why didn't someone tell me about this guy? If you are a fan of ZAPPA or CAPTAIN BEEFHEART prepare to expand your horizons. Extremely broad based psycho rock. Prepare to be offended and delighted in the same moment. There is no good straight answer to the question of what kind of music this is.

I am beginning to reap the bounty of MySpace. This guy found me and turned me on to his music. It is guitar based psychedelic rock with perhaps one of the most concise themes I have run into. It has shades of PINK FLOYD but will take you on a unique journey through the mind of this musician. The CD is completely customized for each person. It is a great indie rock experience.

Friend and fellow composer. He outdid himself on ONE SIZE FITS NONE which takes the angle of a cosmic collision of space rock and electronica. Not even Steven Hawkings can predict the course of the music as you drift through a mind melting assault of keyboards and guitars. A master of the organic electronic realm. Do not die before listening to this.

A Houston based power duo that dish out some serious progressive wierdo rock. OK, so I'm friends with them..that doesn't mean they don't rock. Pick up KILL YOU UNTIL YOU DIE and experience the psychedelic musings of one of the most diverse bands of all time. This CD came out in the late 90's and it is still great today.

This is one of the best progressive electronic bands that I know of. I am a huge OZRIC TENTACLES fanatic and I got a big thrill when I found these guys. The music is laid back but really intense, if that makes any sense. I'm not sure what "Melbaphonics" is but it translates to some great music. Hit "play" then "repeat" and let this band burn itself into your mind.

This is an experimental electronic group with a real quirky sound. They are in to the fast stuff like some SQUAREPUSHER material. They also go way out on a limb to bring you a fine blend of ambient electronic noise. They have the same outward bound edginess that you would expect from AUTECHRE. I have the CD "Fall Back" which is a fantastic listen all the way through. Pound a smoothie with me, will you?

This is a home recording wizard out of Japan who totally blew me away with his release "Yokan". This is a guy who seems to have started out in the rock world and ended up it the electronic world while documenting the transition. He has a unique sound but made me think of a Japanese version of either JEFF BECK or T.REX. When he does vocals, it is very well done. I can't understand a thing he is saying but at least it sounds cool. Nice combination of electronics and guitars to bring about an unusual home grown techno folk sound. It's as good as sushi.

The CD "First Class Ticket to Telos" came out in 1998. This is a techno electronic funk group that may be extinct. The CD has an old school sound but pulls it off in a way that sounds new and fresh. Deep groovy trip hop type style that reminds me of COLDCUT and perhaps some early SQUAREPUSHER. An alien space pop theme runs throughout it. What else do you want? Party with this CD.

These guys are out of Louisiana and have a fantastic band that plays some serious wierdo rock. They totally rock out with horns, percussion, guitars and scattered electronics and samples. Some of it approaches hip hop while other songs are something out of one of FRANK ZAPPAS nightmares. The CD I have is "Descrete Manipulations" which gives a good sampling of the groups overall feel. They use the term "gonzo rock" to describe themselves and that's just about right.

A great name for a great band. These guys have several releases. "Elephant Etiquette" is the one I started out with. This could be described as trip hop, but it goes much deeper than that. There is a strong fusion type element and a sarcasm in the music that reminded me of some early MEAT PUPPETS. This stuff is catchy, which I always like. The musicianship is profound, which I also like. They capture a universal appeal. Just trust me.
UPDATED (Jul 9, 2008)