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GOOD - Enchanter

Good: Enchanter

My fourth cd gets some vocals going again and unleashes magic and special powers on the unbeliever. Thought disco for the revolutionary. 

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GOOD - Transient

On my third cd I go totally instrumental. This was recorded live in the studio without overdubs. This set was the basis of the live shows that followed in its wake.
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GOOD: Transient

GOOD - Fanatic

The second cd. Action packed mind expanding deluge of sound.
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GOOD: Fanatic

GOOD - Its Just Jam

The first release from Good. A power packed four song introduction to the universe. Available on and
These guys did my replication and packaging. Check it out.
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GOOD: Its Just Jam

GOOD T-Shirt - M,L,XL

High quality golden spiral t-shirt. The front has the GOOD logo and the web address. The back has Milton telling you to listen. All sizes are 18$ which includes any shipping. Contact me by email to arrange for payment.