Merch Now Avail. Times Up mofos.  

Sright, merch is now avail. And more upgrades soon. Times Up is out on CD and soon to be up on Digital like Spotify and so forth. And yes, new shirts soon to be avail also. Plenty going on so check back soon. The studio is humming. Times Up makes the 17th release on Texistential Waveform and the 7th release from me. As far as Discography goes: some CDs are going to be available directly from me. For those that are "out of print", they are available on either Soundcloud or Spotify or some other digital…

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Wow. Much has changed.  

You walk away from your website for a second and the world has completely flipped over. Such is the internet. Im looking at that last post. Milton died this year. He did his job. On to the next pasture. Our new donkey Snoop Donk is learning the ropes now. CDBaby isn't selling CDs anymore so I am not sure how to get my stuff to you. But I believe Bandzoogle has a solution. I am an old fashioned guy who likes the idea of having the "thing" in my possession. Streaming certainly has its good points. I am doing…

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Starlight, Youtube, Spotify and more... 

So STARLIGHT has been going out. No tour for obvious reasons, but found a lot of old video clips and I put those up on YouTube. Planning a new shirt. If you have an old GOOD shirt, hang on to it. I only have 3. My donkey Milton is hanging in there and so am I. Going to aim for more video. Working on some new stuff already in the Alien Jazz genre. 

Starlight out soon 

Longer throws at the gearbox, but still kicking. STARLIGHT will be out soon followed by some shows hopefully. Definitely will be some new shirts along with the CD and digital release. Spotify has been my new deal. A lifetime of search and find awaits. Got some new toys, got rid of some old toys. The electronic musicians studio is emperiled in upheaval always. 

Wow. It's been a while. But... 

There is a show coming up at Shogun in Tyler 5/20/17. In the depths of the worst writers block of my life, I blew past the 10 year anniversary of my first release. I don't feel I am the box set level just yet,but don't think I haven't thought about it. I may have a few more live shows in me yet. 


New release Eyephone is out. I will get it uploaded soon, but it is in CD form for request. It is not being sold. Homemade all the way. Weather has been great, so planning a show and then some. Texistential Waveform #13....are you feeling lucky? Don't pass over Thomas Ayresol: Experiment 1, Texistential Waveform #12. We are back on a roll. 

In another dimension 

Ok, so I slipped into a dark dimension, but I am back and working on music again. There should be a short CD coming out soon and working towards the next live show sometime in 2015. This year was a bad year and it needs to go away. I command it!

Shogun 2013 

New show!. Playing with DJ Klinz. Saturday September 21st from 8pm on. Will be playing some old and new songs. Always fresh, because it's always live. Sushi, suds, shock waves, spirits and sounds. Raw fish and raw power. Come check it out. Shogun inside the loop. 


Now on Soundcloud. Seems like a cool place to get sucked in even deeper to music exploration. I think I will use it to put some less structured music up or experimental ideas. Yes, now you have to follow that too.